Why start blogging as a developer?

Blogging online as a developer is rewarding and helps you shape your personal brand.

Starting to document your developer journey in the writing form is a great activity to start. The answer to what to write about is to share what you are learning. Share the tools you are using and your experiences.

Now, let's dive in on the benefits.

Deeper Learning #1:

Writing about the concepts you are learning will help you grasp the concepts easily.

To be able to explain a concept to someone requires a deeper level of understanding. The Feynman Technique talks about how this could lead to finding gaps in your knowledge. Which could help you dig further into the topic and come to a point where you could explain it in simple terms.

Side income #2:

Your newfound habit could help you build out extra income sources.

The blog could be monetized in multiple ways. It could be through ad placements, affiliate marketing, or selling digital products. The written tutorials could even one day turn into paid courses.

Communication Skill #3:

Writing will force you to stick with a topic for longer and contemplate the ways you could present it.

This will improve your communication skills. You will find it easy to communicate your code to your fellow teammates. Pair programming sessions will happen with ease.

Reference Point #4:

As developers, we live on copying and pasting code snippets and having the reference always open.

Documenting your learning through the blog will help you have your own reference point. You will save a lot of time by navigating easily through your blog to find the particular reference. Rather than googling things and going through the writings of others.

Stand out #5:

Having a blog will help you stand out as a developer while applying for jobs.

Your blog will give your recruiter an idea of how passionate you are about your journey. Shows your communication skill and the ability to work in a team.