5 tips to stand out as a developer while applying for jobs

It is important to stand out as a developer while applying for jobs to increase your odds of getting hired.

Over 100s of resumes are received within the first day of publishing a job post. The majority of them use the same generic resume template. To stand apart, you should make it easier for the recruiter to take the decision of choosing you.

Now, let's dive in.

When applying for a coding job it is obvious that you need to showcase your coding projects.

GitHub is a widely used code hosting platform. And providing the link to your GitHub profile on your resume. Helps the recruiter to get a glance at how your coding journey has been.

Add Readme #2:

Don't let the recruiter stay guessing what the project is all about.

Under every project code hosted on GitHub. Write a detailed readme on what the project does. And add instructions on how to run the application. Including screenshots helps the recruiter get a better idea of the project.

Portfolio Website #3:

A portfolio website helps to showcase projects you are most proud of.

The portfolio website will help you to bring the attention of the recruiter to the projects of your choice. Gives you the chance to talk about the projects extensively while showcasing your skills and passion.

Have a Blog #4:

Your blog will showcase your coding journey and everything you learned along the way.

Seeing you have a blog will give the recruiter the idea of your ability to learn new things and communicate them effectively.

Engage in Communities #5:

Participate in coding communities like Stackoverflow, Hashnode, and Devto.

Your answers on these platforms showcase your drive toward sharing your learning and helping others out. This gives the recruiter an idea of how you will fit into the team.

Best Wishes in your coding journey. Hope the above tips come in handy.